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There is something amazing about looking at some one's creation and feeling that you know them, and I just knew when I first saw this green house lamp that the designer is a woman

 There is something so warm and inviting that you just want to be small again like Alice in Wonderland and crawl inside it, lay between the herbs and soak the smell, the light, the protective cocoon that is this lamp

When I started going through Kristina's project it just got clearer and clearer, she talks and creates situations that relate to mother and child but in the most profound way of our natural instincts, going back to the womb, breast feeding, saving money for the future of your child and so on

Kristýna Pojerová  is a student at glass studio at AAAD in Prague, she won several prizes for her Green House Lamp design and I cannot wait to see what else she is planning, the beauty of expressing natural human feelings, modern design with respect to her Czech heritage is intriguing

Dive into her site here

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