Bubbletree | משחק בועות

It's like I died and gone to heaven, all of my favorite things in one: a bubble, a beautiful      small space that brings nature inside and a beautiful design.

I just have to think of the soundtrack to this scenery and although I really want to say Miles Davis, July Andrews just rings in my head "these are a few of my favorite things…", (I must have been a drag queen in a former life), so I'll keep thinking about it in the meantime

Not only that, bubble tree also make a bubble tree house, everything that they can just to give you an experience under the stars, they explain it much better then me

 The sphere appears to operate in such a universal way, a well-being feeling, security and serenity, far beyond our expectations.
In accordance with our ideology and with the goal to share this experience, Pierre Stephane Dumas, the designer of the BubbleTree has thought about converting the spherical accommodation experience into a myth : The night under the stars.

This unique experience of proximity with the nature is less and less lived by urban people. Our demand in terms of comfort and our ways of life tends to dematerialize our relation with nature. Thus, a night under the stars seems to be Spartan, maybe worrying.

Our idea consists in allowing people to spend a night under the stars with all the comfort of a real bedroom suite. You will live the extraordinary light variation of the sunset until the first aurora´s tremors and the ceiling will have the Milky Way for unique limit.

This unusual experience under the stars underlines also a paradox of our evolution bringing together men and nature. Thus, CristalBubble range was born.

I don't think there is a place I could put a bubble like this in Israel, a very small country, hardly any privacy…but they have a really cool thing on the web site, a list of hotels and lodges that rent those bubbles in France so I think on my next vacation I'll give it a try


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