Music drawings | טעם החיים על הקיר


Music is my life, I can't imagine a life without it, the perfect soundtrack makes my day, a terrible one can ruin it and some dj have made me cry in the past so I take my music with me wherever I go, to fix the situation if it goes wrong

This idea by VaporSky is brilliant; it reminds of why I love the SoundCloud so much, you can actually see your music that way

The problem is finding a favorite song and framing it, I could have a house full of them

So I had to think really hard, what I would like to print that is more than just a great song but also has a deep personal meaning for me

Avishai Cohen is definitely my favorite musician and to choose just one song is physically painful but, this piece is called SABA which means grandfather in Hebrew and my grandfather was the most funny colorful brilliant loving person I had ever met, he gave me the basis to everything I am and I think it's a beautiful homage and a brilliant piece of music

I remember the first time I heard this song, my grandmother took me to the ice

capades show and they were skating to the music. I didn't want to forget it because I loved it so much and I just kept singing until we got home so I could ask my dad what and who is it. The minute he got back from work I ran to him singing the melody, obviously I didn't know the words, and he pulled out the record and played it. That was the day I fell  in love with Stevie Wonder and never stopped loving him

As long as I can remember myself people are saying "oh she is so talented" but at the same time, they always try to push me towards a practical life, not to be "too creative" because Lets face it, how many people make an honest living by being artists.

And I tried, I really tried but every time I was practical, I felt like a piece of me had died. It took a lot of time until I found a way to make a living without compromising my creativity but it will always be a struggle.

This song by THE ROOTS talks about this struggle and I always listen to it when I'm at some creative cross-road

Jill Scott for me, is like a woman's bible. Every thought and feeling that I ever had, every dream, every pain, she wrote about it and when I need my girl power, I turn to her

A few years ago, when I opened my food boutique, I was so sure it's going to be the hottest spot in the city, I invested so much money, so much energy, so much love in every piece of detail, and it was perfect

And every morning when I opened the store, I mopped the floor listening to this song, I was sure any minute now people would storm in and I would be behind the counter, all feminine, voluptuous and appetizing, greeting my clients "good morning Tel Aviv!" just like she says "good evening Paris!"

Well, it didn't happen, I had to close the store and it is still a painful memory but I cherish those moments when I was so hopeful and inspired

I don't have children yet, it is still a dream, and when you dream of a child you do it in every aspect, not just how he or she would look or how you will name them and dress them, you think about everything

And I think a lot about lullabies and what kind of music I want my child to fall asleep with and dream about and for me, this is the perfect lullaby

Which song would you print?  and where would you hang it? now that's another difficult question

    Take a look at VaporSky' s site, they have very cool stuff

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