Jim Hodges at the Gladstone Gallery | הודו יפן – מזרח מערב


If you remember the post on Thailand, you probably remember that I'm an urban girl that likes shopping vacations in Europe

However my sister is the complete opposite, ever since she finished her military service she's been back and forth to India, china, Japan, south America and India again

The first time she came back from India she had a huge bag filled with amazing things, silk fabrics in turquoise and bold fuchsias, colorful bracelets, tiny beaded sculptures, it felt like a treasure box to me and every one laughed at how the scarecrow awakens in me when I see all these colorful shiny things

For me it's like bonbons with shiny wrappers that I collected as a child but since I'm a very calm, cool and collected person, (sort of…), my house, my clothes, have  always been very minimalistic, with a tendency to the Japanese style with touches of bold colors here and there

Now this may seem like a pretty superficial discussion but I'm getting to my point

Most people need me to choose: a style, a design, a personality, an obvious rout, a five year plan etc'

Most people have a hard time accepting something or someone that you can't define/put in a box or a drawer with a label and when I meet new people it's always this feeling of – here we go, let the judgment begin

When I saw these stones by Jim Hodges, I felt relieved, like I haven't felt in a long time

It felt like a whole new world is born from these stones, like Michelangelo saw his characters trapped inside the marble, I felt the global world that for most of the people exist only on the internet, is finally breaking outside, no more borders, no more definitive closed cultures, definitive plans but something completely new, a world that might be easier/nicer for people like me

I always insist on feeling art and not closing myself to the artist's intentions, I enjoy it much more that way. Maybe it's because this is what I enjoy when people look at my work. I hate talking about it, maybe because it's too personal, maybe because once it's done, it's out there, I feel like it is no longer my art but it belongs to the viewer and his/her interpretation

The thing I hate hearing the most is "I don't understand anything about art" – because I don't think you're supposed to understand in order to enjoy it

So anything I write here is my own feelings, and I hope it doesn't offend the artist and that you find other things in his art that you enjoy

For more information about this exhibition and Jim Hodges, go to the Gladstone gallery   site in this link


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