Joey Ruiter | אופנוע שטח, ההגדרה המחודשת


Sometimes I imagine myself sitting in front of James Lipton in the actor's studio, just because I want to talk about my least favorite word which is EGO

I feel like this word, the meaning of it, has ruined every good piece of our world, our relationships, the politics, the planet, we ruined it because we can, because our ego is just too big, we lost respect to nature, we lost the responsibility to other people's life and feelings, we forgot about humanity and humility

So I was so happy to discover Joey Ruiter's design because it is the exact opposite of all those bad things

Of course at first glance it was "oh! Yeah! Shiny glittery stuff!" but that's just because it's me and my addiction to shiny, (some say I might have been a disco drag queen in another life #justsaying), but when the adrenalin rush went away I saw beautiful, practical design that not only respects nature by not ruining it bit also respects it by reflecting it

Ruiter's motorcycle and his boat, (you can see this in other designs when you log into his site), almost disappear, they become transparent in touch with nature and I find it to be brilliant and could be a new design language that we should practice

For more about Joey Ruiter's design click here

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