Za Bor parasite offices | עיצוב משרדים טפילים



When I presented my idea for my final project at the Academy every one went crazy. I wanted to do a project about parasite architecture, its value in small countries like Israel and its value as a way to renew an old city like Jerusalem.

They called me insane, they called me provocative and most of them refused to permit this project. Except for one professor that insisted that I don't have a provocative bone in my body and that I have the right to explore this issue. It was a huge battle but we finally convinced them that even if I am wrong, I still should be able to explore it and come to a conclusion.

I started with the building I was living in, a building that was built by my great grandfather in the beginning of the 20th century and has changed with time also, because of the way the city and its population has changed.

I mapped al the potential buildings and important meeting junctions in the city center and created upper streets between buildings, new apartments in the gaps of buildings, bigger apartments that connected buildings, I felt like I was sewing a new kind of embroidery into the city.

My rule was that if I "stick" to a building, I have to change it in some way, like a parasite feeds of its "subject" and not just something new attached to the old.

On the day I presented my project all of my professors went crazy again, this time in a good way. They declared it is a masterpiece and that I convinced them and changed their minds.

After that a few of them asked to speak to me in privet, they wanted to tell me that if I ever build something, it would probably be one of the most important buildings in the world! But, I have to take in consideration that no one in Israel will ever let me build.

So as you can see, I'm not building anything, and I don't regret it, but I'm so proud when I find projects that prove every one wrong!

And Za Bor made me really really happy!

They are from Moscow, they are really talented and very cute too…and the Parasite offices will be their own offices eventually.

This is what they wrote about this project:

" The «АRCH Moscow» architectural biennale is traditionally held in the end of May, in the Russian capital.  Za bor architects presented this year an essentially new idea of effective usage of inhabited areas with the aim of practical business spaces creation. For this project the za bor architects was awarded with the second prize entry by «ARCH Moscow» judges (the first prize wasn’t awarded to anyone).

The concept is especially remarkable since Moscow is the biggest city in Europe with promptly growing economy and permanent shortage of  «creative» office areas needed by numerous design-studios, modern art galleries and other organizations the activity of which is connected with art.

Prominent feature of many Moscow areas is the presence of multi-storey buildings with blind end walls and wide passage between them. This project provides for usage of free spaces between buildings for creation of original and economic offices which do not block the court yard access. 

The first realization of this concept shall become za bor architects’ own workshop which is planned to be build in between the two houses at the 5th Kozhukhovskaya Street. The project provides for creation of a three-floor volume with an accessible roof area, divided with modular floor panels. The framework which shapes it, is a single structural unit clamped between the blind facades of the houses. The polygonal main facade solved in dynamical volumes, is made from light and durable cellular polycarbonate; the facade turned to the court yard is flat and completely glazed." 

Check the site to see more good stuff

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