MY FISH FETISH | שם הרי גולן

One of the things I discovered in Thailand was that water makes me happy and calm, from spending time at the beach on the island and then going from fishpond to fishpond inside Bangkok, I discovered something I didn't know abut myself

I knew when I got back that I had to have a fish pond. It took two houses till I found one with a garden and bought a pond with lotus and goldfish

I could sit hours by that pond

But now, unfortunately, it's in storage, I had to move again but just buying a regular fishbowl always seems so sad

And then I saw this one by Aruliden. They design amazing things for the biggest companies in the world but this one is the first time they designed something for themselves and it makes so much sense, why should humans have all the fun? Suddenly my conscious is clear about getting a new goldfish

To find out more about Aruliden click here

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