D*Haus Dynamic

I have a problem with a mathematical/geometrical formula, when it comes to architecture. I accept the fact that scale is a very important issue, one that proved itself along history – however, when it comes to architecture I truly believe in identifying the genetic code of the city/location etc' and letting the project "be born" from there.

This being said, I still can't ignore two major facts – 1. I have had the luxury of living for the most of my life in a very warm and comfortable climate.

2. The world is changing! And I'm not talking just about technology, the global warming has turned our life upside down, we have destroyed our world and we are paying the price, the weather is extreme and the oceans and the earth are moving – so we have no choice but to move with them.

Apart from that, the internet has turned our universe into a global village, we can work from home, we can move our home – home is everywhere.

The D*House project raises all of these questions and offers an interesting solution. As I understand there are still some problems to solve but when you think about extremely cold weather and finding a way to warm your house and adapting it to the seasons, it is a very interesting idea – a moving home.

I can write forever but I think the videos explain it much better:

D*Haus Dynamic 2 from The D*Haus Company Ltd on Vimeo.

Yes it's a very interesting idea and I would love to see how it develops but at the end of the day, I will always ask myself if this would work when the power is off, like a building with elevators, if it doesn't have the right stairs – it just doesn't work.

I would love to know what you think about it.

For more information, or if you want to ask them questions yourself, (Daniel Woolfsoon is a really nice and cool guy), go to their site, they have a very interesting philosophy that ties all of their projects, make sure you read about it.


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