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I haven't had a bath in four years! Wait…before you block this dirty girl's blog…it's not that, I take tons of showers, for god's sake I live in Israel, it's boiling hot here, we take three showers a day! But a bath, when you soak for hours in oils and salts, and soap bubbles…so many bubbles…with candles and music, I haven't had this treat in a long long time

Every new apartment I promise myself, the next house will have a bath but small places in big cities don't have this luxury usually and I'm forced to dream

So I just look for my dream bathroom in magazines and on line, save those photos for somewhere over the rainbow when I will build my dream house

Lucky for me Bagno Sasso have a huge selection to choose from so I spend hours on their site

Their expertise is wooden baths but there is so much more and the accessories are also amazing

I chose a few of my favorites but you can log into the web site and choose your own


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