My Dream Bed | מיטה מעוצבת

You know how little girls dream of being a princess, having a canopy royal bed and live in a palace? Well that's not me

My perfect bed has always been my grandparent's bed. They brought it from Poland when they moved to Israel, it was huge from dark wood with a very high back board and a high front board

It was so big that during the weekends all the grandchildren stayed there. We were five kids with two grandparents and we pretended it was a ballroom and have 20'ESE themed parties

I would wear my grandma's slip and jewelry, pretend my hot chocolate was a martini, (by the way chocolate and olives don't go together, believe me…), and do the Charleston on the bed

So for years and years I dreamed of a bed filled with family, laughing and singing together, having a big breakfast. This bed symbolized the ideal family for me

Unfortunately this bed was so big that it didn't fit in any modern apartment and when my grandparents passed away we had to donate it to a museum

And the modern beds that fit in small apartments…lets just say I always make sure I have a really thick and soft carpet next to it

And than I saw the HiCan – High fidelity Canopy Bed, the answer to all my dreams

The size in normal but in it you have a sound system, a TV, a computer, blinds that open and close and lets face it, it is  beautiful

It was done by Hi Interiors, the designer is Edoardo Carlino and they promise that it is just the first project of many to come, I would love to see what they do next but they had me at the Canopy

I love their philosophy, they talk about the new world and how the meaning of objects has changed and the way we spend our time in our house. For them it's about comfort, embracing the old with the new, using our space to release stress

For me it's about family, the old one that exist only in my memory and the new one that hopefully will soon be more than just a fantasy

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