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How much of a chocolate addict am I? Well, just a small example: when I got married a million years ago, (not married anymore), not only did we exchange rings, we also exchanged chocolates! We each got one petit four for the other and fed each other. The judge was so shocked that she pulled out a camera and started taking pictures.

I can talk about chocolate for hours and hours, i can eat chocolate without ever feeling full but the calories…OMG the calories

The thing is, I like chocolate with spices that open it, I love chili, English pepper, balsamic vinaigrette, orange zest, salt and much more

But when you buy a chocolate bar it's usually with only one kind of spice. I could buy five bars but you can imagine how it will end

This amazing project was done by Elsa Lambinet, she majored in luxury design, I didn't even know you could do that, if I would go back to university this would definitely be my major

Elsa teamed up for her final project with the famous Swiss chocolatier BLONDEL and is dreaming of bringing it to life, she has all my support, does she have yours? You can read and see more about her work here!

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