tree house design | עוד בתי עץ


When I was ten we moved to South Africa for a couple of years. It was the early eighties, the apartheid at its peak and I was mortified

I come from a family of holocaust survivors, it is something that defines who you are from the day you are born and for me, to see the signs on the busses and on the front of stores "no blacks allowed" was unbearable. I couldn't believe this is something that’s happening here and now and not in the far history

I was the only Jewish girl in school and I was the only girl with black hair – the children made my life a living hell. I begged my parents every night to go back home and they did shorten our stay there, much earlier than they intended to

The only light in my life was the tree house that my dad built for me in the garden. It was my sanctuary and ever since I'm obsessed with tree houses

This amazing architecture is by THAM &VIDEGARD architecture office, located in Stockholm Sweden. It is part of the brilliant  TreeHotel project in north Sweden and out of all the tree houses this one is my favorite. go into their website to learn more about these talented people

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