My Milan design week part 1

This is not another post on Milan design week, I missed it.

Not really missed it, just didn’t go. My favorite thing in Milan is the option to get lost and find treasures where you least expect them, when there aren’t many people at the same place so you can actually see something…

I did do some research this time, because sometimes, if you don’t look closely, you can miss a gem, just by blinking.

This was the case with the Rosanna Orlandi space, I had the address and still it took half an hour just to realize where the entrance is!

But it was worth it! Going into this beautiful garden, I could live there, honestly! And then one of the employees gave us a long tour, explaining on each designer.

I loved that they insisted we do the tour by a certain order, you kind of understand the idea at the end of the tour.

The common thread in all of the projects is art and design, not just esthetics and functionality, but also a very bold statement in every piece of work presented.

Unfortunately the garden is not a coffee shop although it looks like it, but if you want to eat there, they have a very posh restaurant called Pane e Acqua, the prices were way too high for me but you might enjoy it.

Spazio Pontaccio is one of the places I stumbled upon just strolling in the beautiful neighborhood of Brera. It was built a year ago for the 2011 design week and ever since every major designer in the world has designed one of the spaces.

It looks like four different stores, each one designed as a different living space when you have all of the perfect details compositioned together.

My favorite room was the one with the Chinese plate carpet, but honestly, I don’t think I saw a furniture I didn’t like.

The main idea of this space is showing the beauty of unique furniture embedded in a beautiful interior design. Unlike interior design magazines that show you something too perfect, like a hotel room, the interior design in each of the spaces really feels like a living environment, it makes you want to move in immediately!

Another shop I stumbled upon in brera is Robertaebasta.

I’m not really an antique or even art deco kind of person but they do have amazing timeless pieces.

I was told they have three different stores, two of them specialize in art deco, I guess I was in the more modern store and I did see some stuff I would love to have.

All photos by me.

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