My Milan design week part 2


The Paola C.  gallery concentrates on table objects and encouraging young designers from all over the world. I was really overwhelmed by the beauty of the glass pieces.



I was sure this is a Scandinavian company at first glance, everything made of wood, everything seems so clean lean and thin that there was no way this could be Italian, but I was wrong.

I think they say it better than me:

 We make intelligent furniture, designed to be made up with the less resources possible, using only tools able to exalt men's abilities.We are not interested in low prices materials.We work only hard oak wood, the only one which allow us to use so clever joints to be able to avoid toxic glues.We handle, we smooth and finally we oil by hand each piece of our furniture with pure linseed oil. We make up by hand all our textiles with the best materials. We make up all by hand with passion, in order to give to our products the value and quality that allow us to guarantee them to last long.


Obviously I saved the best for last.

Corso Como 10 was my favorite concept store twenty years ago and still, when I walk into this magical garden, I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

I don’t think any photo can really capture the magic and the idea of this place which has a restaurant, a book store, and a photo gallery apart from the main shop that has the best fashion designers, jewelry, cosmetics and so much more.

But I think my friend Asaf Ezer, who took the photos, did a pretty good job.

And yes, it’s me hidden in the mirrors, surrounded by Azzedine Alaia dresses, just like heaven!

All photos by me. Corso Como 10 photos by Asaf Ezer

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